About Jarmstro

John W. Armstrong

Born in Albuquerque, NM in 1955, I'm primarily a songwriter / producer / arranger. I play in a local swing band at places like farmer's markets. The Cat's Meow — upright bass, mandolin, drums, and me on electric guitar (2008 Mexican Fat Strat). We don't do my originals in this group, just greatest hits from the last 100 years.

My artistic muse comes from always having been associated with artsy places like Santa Fe and Taos because my mom was a successful travel writer and my dad was a music teacher / photographer. I started cello recitals in 3rd grade and went to electric guitar / rock'n roll around age 14.

In most of the 70s I played in rock bands around NM, CO, and AZ and got a record deal in 1967 with Starday Records in Nashville. But my "real job", my entire working career, was in software development. My apps experience was primarily alternative and conventional medical, in and out of government. Pure science apps were in forest genetics at places like the US Forest Service's Intermountain Station forestry research center in Moscow, Idaho. In retirement I continue with my own alternative medical app, Honest Biochemistry, mostly database development.

All my songs are fully implemented in MIDI; therefore, other than for lead singers, I very seldom have to pay instrumentalists for session-work. Been doing midi since 1991. I leave EDM up to a producer who understands it. I get great singers and mix engineers from Soundbetter.com.